About Us

Our home, shop, and hearts are all connected to and a part of the backcountry. Here you adapt to a way of life that requires that nothing be taken for granted. For us this rings especially true with coffee.

We started with the desire to create great coffee, something that was continually hard to find in the backwoods of northern Vermont. Through countless hours of tweaking recipes and roast profiles, we feel we have a product worthy enough to fill this void.

Our roaster shop is located in the beautiful town of Montgomery, Vermont, gateway to the Jay Peak ski area. Up here we never take for granted our deep snow, expansive mountains, and fresh local coffee!


We are dedicated to roasting and selling the highest quality organic fair trade arabica coffees from around the world in a manner that supports and respects the people and the land that sustains us. Through coffee we were introduced to the positive aspects that Fair Trade Certification offers. Our commitment to the Fair Trade Organization directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices, community development and environmental stewardship.