Colombia 2024

In the winter of 2024, our team got the chance to travel down to the Antioquia region in Colombia and connect with a vertically integrated farm owned by Pedro Echavarnia.

Located in themountains of Santa Bárbara, south of Medellín, this farm has an altitude between 5,400 and 6,400 feet above sea level. The perfect combination of warm days and cold nights provides the ideal climate for the slow but constant development of the coffee beans grown here.

Being able to visit and immerse ourselves in the whole process of what goes into growing, harvesting, milling and processing these beans is critical to better understanding the complexities and many facets that are necessary to achieve the highest quality of specialty coffee in the world. With each trip to origin we become more motivated to bringing this high quality and respect into our roasts as a responsibility to farmers like Pedro @Pergamino.

Keep an eye out for our newest single origin that we purchased while in Antioquia!